• How do you beat the first boss that big flying dog thing? and how do I put the town back right?
  • This is for the boss:
    This one's fairly easy. When Dran starts flying, use Xiao to shoot him. He'll land, then switch to Toan and hit him with the sword. Make sure you hit him on his side, or he'll damage you when he gets back up. Make sure you don't fall into the pits he creates, or you'll have to start all over again.

    This is for the town:
    Paige's House-Be near the fishing pond.
    Macho's House-Be next to breaking rocks.
    Toan's House-To face the rising sun in the morning.
    Claude's House-To be near cooking food.
    Alnet's House-To be away from the Macho brothers.
    Gaffer's Buggy Shop-To be surrounded by customers.
    Laura's House-To be away from the Mayor's house.
    Hag's House-To be in front of Dran's Windmill.

    Hope thie helps u out