PS3 overheating problems....(HELP)....911
  • Has anyone had this problem.. I have my PS3 upright and away from anything that creates heat.. And it still over heats.. When this happens my PS3 just shuts down.. I thought there was something else wrong but when I touch my PS3 or the game that I was playing at the time..Its extremely HOT!!!!
    It doesn't do this all the time..that's the weird thing.. And it hasn't kill my PS3 yet..KEY WORD yet.. I not really concerned all that much because thank the sony god's, I threw down the little extra cash to get the warranty.. I know that there is an device that is pops on the back of the PS3 thats a secondary fan.. Do you think this could fix my problem?? Or is it inevitable that my PS3 is going to crash..
  • Do NOT waste your money on that InterCooler- if anything, it blocks more hot air from getting out and will make the situation worse.

    Contact Sony about it via their tech support number- there is a chance the fan inside may not be working properly. If that is the case they will repair/ replace it at no charge thanks to the one year warranty they have on it.