• The more and more i play R.FoM the more and more glitch players i run across.. How's the (report player abuse) work.. I've heard that you can lose you account and that you have to start a new one.. And will it effect everyone in the game at that time or just the player thats been reported.. I don't want to be caught up in someone else's cheating way's and lose my account.. I'm tried of people cheating its getting annoying... But i probably should realize it comes with with all things in life..(THOSE WHO CAN'T WIN, CHEAT)
  • If you come across a player using glitches or cheats to win go ahead and report them- it will only affect him/ her and no one else. I haven't played the game online myself so ic an't say exactly how it works.

    Things like this are, unfortunately, a common bit of online gaming. Guess these guys cheating must have self-esteem issues or something.