Halloween parties?
  • Is anybody going to any good halloween parties this year? What are you going to be?

    There is a huge halloween party by me every year. Another fraternity throws it and usually between 1000-2000 people show up. The party is called Boo Bash. Last year's boo bash set the record for the largest party in Chalotte, NC history. I am going to be a ghostbuster :)
  • hahahah this year ima be a line-tech, cuz ima be at work!!
  • I'm not going to any Halloween parties per se although I'm going to be dressed as a different costume by day than by night. Morning time I'm going to dress as either a veterinarian or an author...we'll see.

    Then by night, me and the beagles will roam the streets as Harley Quinn Bud and Lou (the pet hyenas) My best friend is going to dress as Waldo from Where's Waldo so we're going to go trick or treating together.:)