Why you should watch 30 Rock.
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    "30 Rock" is a comedy television show about a comedy sketch show on NBC. I have been watching it since episode 1, and I'm so glad I decided to do that. Because while "Saturday Night Live" has become almost unwatchable, this show has completely stolen it's thunder.

    The real comedy is on 30 Rock (Not to mention "My Name is Earl", "The Office" , and "Scrubs"), and you're a fool if you aren't watching it :D. Yeah, I said it.

    So, I present to you, evidence of what you are missing. I guess I should first set the video clip up for you. The black dude, Tracy, is mad at his estranged father, the white girl is his unhelpful psychiatrist, and the white dude, Alec, is trying to help the situation by taking Tracy back to his childhood days. You may proceed:

    [CENTER]Alec Baldwin. The only funny Baldwin brother.

    Enjoy, and I'm sure you'll thank me later.