• I recently got the g-con 45 and the game point blank, now I assume it is possible to play it on the ps2 as the game runs fine but does the light gun work?
    the start buttons work but it doesnt seem to work for actually shooting the targets, am I doing something wrong or does it just not work?
  • The G-Con 45 should work fine on the PS2. You may want to recheck your connections to make sure the gun is hooked up correctly- there is a cable that is supposed to hook up between the system and your video out cable which helps the gun with accuracy. Without this in place the gun won't work.
  • firstly thank you for your promt help about the g-con45, this is related

    was just wondering what games on the ps2 are compatible with this light gun? (I ask as virtua cop does not seem to be)
  • Just about all of the compatible games for the G-Con were made by Namco such as the Time Crisis and Point Blank line up of games.

    Here is the list of PSOne games that will work with the gun (these will not work with the GunCon 2):

    * Elemental Gearbolt
    * Ghoul Panic (Guncon)
    * Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James (Guncon)
    * Maximum Force
    * Moorhuhn series (Guncon)
    * Point Blank series (Guncon)
    * Rescue Shot (Guncon)
    * Resident Evil: Survivor (Guncon) Japanese and PAL versions only.
    * Time Crisis (Guncon)
    * Time Crisis: Project Titan (Guncon)

    Many PS2 games that use the GunCon 2 will also work with the original G-Con if they do not make use of the extra buttons found on the newer version:

    * Crisis Zone
    * Dino Stalker
    * Guncom 2
    * Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James
    * Endgame
    * Ninja Assault
    * Resident Evil: Dead Aim
    * Resident Evil: Survivor 2 -Code: Veronica-
    * Starsky & Hutch
    * Time Crisis II
    * Time Crisis 3
    * Vampire Night
    * Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis (Jap)

    You may need to find the GunCon 2 for use with Virtua Cop.