network access disc
  • hello i got a playstation serial number 70004.
    i want to play online but i have created a account but hvean i gone play it stands.
    canot conect to network [ISP]
    do i need a network disc.
    have i created my account wrong?
  • To create your account for online play on the PS2 you need to go to Absolute PlayStation is not actually with Sony, we just report and talk about them.

    You will need your network access code when you register there, which should have been included with your system. If it isn't there you may have to contact Sony themselves and ask about getting a new code.

    As for the PS2 itself, you shouldn't actually need the disc- most games with online play have the connection set up on there. When you go to the online play for the game it should ask you what connection to use- select "new connection" and go through the process of setting up a connection file, whioch you will have to save to your memory card.