• I was just wondering if anyone knew how to obtain it without a gameshark or cheat code.
  • You can either beat Hades and have him synth one for you or beat Ozma to get it directly.
  • Thanks man ill try that.
  • Just one more question. What does it take to forge(synth) the full pumice.
  • You'll need two Pmice Pieces to create a full Pumice.
  • It is on the chocobo sidequest its in one of the chocograph chests thats were I got the second peice to forge into pumice when beating hades. I hate to correct you though!:)
  • Great becaues i was going to do all of the chocobo side quest anyway. Thanx for the help you 2.
  • Beat Ozma or Steal it from, you can get the 2nd pumice part the other way you have to collect Chocographs I forgot the Number Of Chocograph,Sorry :cry:
  • There are two ways to get the whole Pumice. You will get the first Pumice in the game , but i don't know where, but you will get it automaticaly. You can steal the second part from Ozma, but you will need a Hammer to make it a Pumice. How to het the Hammer: Give ALL the letters from Mognet to the Moogles, and you will get Kupo Nust. Deliver all the Kupo Nuts to the Moogles in Gizemaluke's Grotto, and you will recieve a part of a machine. You must bring it to Mognet Central.
    How to get to Mognet Central: You will need a Ocean or Sky Chocobo to get there, but it's on a island north of the island of Lifa Tree and Maidan Sari. Have some Dead Peppers and GO!!! Use your Dead Peppers in the mountain, you will see where. Give the item to the moogle who says: 'I wish we would have that part of the machine...' and you will Receive Hammer!
    The second way: You will know how to get the first, so i won't say it again. The second part: If you defeat Ozma, you will get the Whole!