It won't detect my memory card in my ps2 anymore
  • The other day i decided to play a cd in my ps2 and took my game out well someone came by and took my memory card out also.. but i didn't care i thought my stuff would still be on the memory card but it isn't. It won't even detect it on my ps2. because I play guitar hero 2 and it always says it can't detect the memory card. So i went and bought a new memory card and it still says there isn't one there?? So can I do anything to fix that??
  • I think when that certain someone took out your card they may have been a bit rough about it- the problem is in the slot itself, not the cards.

    You may be able to continue on using slot 2 but you will most likely have to get the thing repaired, either by Sony or maybe you have a local game store that also does this sort of thing. Either way is going to cost you a bit of money (which i would make that "someone" pay).