Black Nerd "Buy Mii a Wii" music video
  • I would like to think that no one on this entire website is as much of a nerd (or likes the Nintendo Wii) as this guy.

    Please tell me I am right in assuming that. Either way, this is going in my favorite videos list. I especially like when his sister walks in the room by accident, and is like "What the ---". Please watch this. I haven't seen all of his videos yet, no way they're as good as this one though.

    Anyway, I realize this is a Playstation website, but there end up being a lot more goofy Nintendo videos to post on here. Be sure to check out the other Nintendo nerd video I posted -> Here. It is still one to watch. It really is a toss up here, which one is nerdier. Never thought that could happen.

    EDIT: It's funny how things don't hold up as well upon second viewing. After originally posting it early in the morning (Must've been sleepy still), I re-watched it this afternoon. Ahem, so, not as good the second time, but still funny in a "So dumb it's funny" way :)
  • lol that was funny
  • that must have took some doing,very funny :D
  • sorry to bust your bubbles mcw but... that was his room mate.... says so on the video description