• i just got a ps3 a few days ago, and its great (even though i cant get online with it yet)
    but thats not the problem.

    i got bored playing the 2 games i have for ps3, and tryed a ps2 disc, that worked fine so i tryed a ps2 disc that wont play anymore on a ps2, and it also works, so then i got an idea, and found 1 of my old ps1 games that hasent worked for years.
    it also works fine, exept that it plays realy fast, seeing as its command and conquer, that makes it realy hard to play.

    is there a way for me to get ps1 games to play normaly on my ps3?

    p.s sorry for bad spelling, and being a noob ;)
  • hmm, someone told me i might need to download an update or something, could this be it?
  • The system should have been able to play the game normally but grabbing the latest system update might help.

    You can find a link to the latest version in out Free PlayStation 3 Downloads section near the top of the forums. From there just follow the instructions I left in the pinned thread in this section for how to get that update file to your PS3 and run it.
  • thank you, i will try it.