• I feel really dumb asking this but how do you defeat Necron, i can't beat him.
  • For some advanced tips beating Necron:
    First something about Necron. His level is 69, HP is 55.535 :0, Mp is 9999. Your Party should be: Zidane (With the Tower or Ultima weapon), Vivi (With the High Mage Staff or Mace of Zeus, but must have Flare), Amarant (With the Kaiser Knuckles or Rune Claws, and Rising sun and Wing edge for throwing), and Dagger (WithWhale Whisker or Tiger Racket, but MUST have Bahamut, but ark works even better, but then you must have defeated Ozma). You must be on a higher level then 55, must have more HP then 3500 and must have mor MP then 200 (For Vivi and Dagger). This is all i can tell you.
  • Necron... At the same time easy and difficult... well Necron is easy just have with you Zidane, Vivi, Steiner and Dagger...

    Best equipment for them:

    Zidane:Ultima Weapom, Golden Skullcap, Power Wrist, Brave Suit and Battle Boots
    Vivi:Mace of Zeus, Holy Mitre, Magic Armlet, Black Robe and Ribbon
    Steiner:Excalibur2 or Ragnarok,Kaiser Helm, Venetia Shield, Tin Armor and Power Belt
    Dagger:Tiger Racket or Whale Whisker, Holy Mitre, Magic Armlet, White Robe or Robe Of Lords and Ribbon

    Have them in Level 80, 90 or less, Put Abilities that can be good to your safety, Put the Abilities HP+20%, MP+20% to who has it... Put also in Steiner and Zidane the Auto Haste and Restore HP abilitie, put the the abilities that can Magic Counter with Vivi and Concentrate with Vivi and Dagger... then go to battle have them in near trance... when in trance with Steiner use Shock, StockBreak and Climhazard takes 9999 of HP from Necron with Zidane do the last one with Vivi do Flare and do normally Focus cuz magic will increase damage with Dagger do Ark.... Hope this Helps Good Luck! :thumbsup:

    I'm open to any FF questions anytime... :)
  • To easy beat Necron your party members should be:
    1. Zidane (with his Ultima Weapon or Tower)
  • Well, Parasite, it should be Mace of Zeus, Ragnarok, Whale Wisker and Blizzaga.