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    You gotta love technology. As annoying as it can be (What with everything completely changing once a week... ahem, PS3) at times, the innovations being made are phenomenal. Take for example the above shown SD card. It is not a standard little camera card. No, the things got built in WiFi. This means, when you turn on your digital camera, your pictures can automatically be sent off of the card to a photosharing or saving website of your choice.
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    I think this is ingenious, as all electronics seem to be shifting to wireless. Now, I realize this doesn't mean you'll be able to wirelessly send an Mp3 from the SD card over to your PC (Although it seems like they would allow that - it's just not mentioned in the article. They seem to be focused on digicams at the moment), but still, it is still quite amazing to me. They can fit Wifi into a postage stamp sized piece of plastic :o. Wow.

    Well, the thing certainly looks pretty. I may pick it up this year (Here's hoping for some nice Gift cards this Xmas - the things $99 at the moment), because all of my devices (Including my beloved Canon camera) use SD cards, and I am a huge proponent of that method of storage. I like that I wouldn't have to worry about moving files from the SD into "My Pictures" anymore, because it would send them to myspace of Photobucket or the like for me! Now, who else is the least bit excited by this innovation? Anyone? I know I'm not the only one who thinks this is cool...

  • This little marvel will be a bit on the pricey side for the moment ($99 US for the 2 GB ) considering the costs of R&D to come up with something like this.

    While the idea is definitely cool I would not be making use of this myself. I take very few pictures with my digital camera and, more often than not, need a bit of editing before sharing with anyone.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    I take very few pictures with my digital camera and, more often than not, need a bit of editing before sharing with anyone.

    I see your point. Upon further reading, it seems like you have to have the software for the device installed on your home computer (On the same wireless network) to be able to do this. I am not 100% sure about that, but that may be its only downfall (Not being able to use just any network).

    Either way, the technology is amazing, and I am excited to see future Wifi SD integrations.
  • There was an article about the card in my local newspaper today (Maybe in your Money/Electronics section as well). The guy got a preview card to try out.

    He says that its downfalls are that it drains battery life quicker than a standard SD card, and he had to turn off his network and restart it to get the card to work correctly. Plus, as he noted, it costs double the price of a normal card.

    So, good idea, but it will be a while before people - including me - go for it. It needs to be easy, and setup-free for it to catch on.