• My HDMI to DVI Monster cable still works for my HD satellite receiver, but won't work for the PS3 anymore. I hooked the PS3 up to another TV with HDMI input with another Monster cable and the PS3 worked. I contacted Sony's tech support about this problem and they said the Monster cables don't work with the PS3. That doesn't make any sense to me. Has anyone else heard this? Is there much difference between Monster and cheapie cables when using them for the PS3? Will my picture be affected if I just use component video cables? Do I need HDMI for Blu-Ray movies? Thanks for any help...:confused:
  • It does seem kind of odd that Monster cables would not work. I will say that Monster is usually overpriced- I am using a lower priced cable I bought on eBay and have had no problems at all.

    As for using component cables the difference would be very slight- you may not even see a difference. HDMI is NOT required for Blu-Ray movies.

    I would suggest finding a different brand of cable to try, maybe borrow from a friend just to try it out. If you like what you see and have no problems you will know what name to look for in the store or online.
  • I see that HDMI to DVI cables are cheap on ebay. Even the Monster cables can be found for around $10. I just wanna make sure everythings running tip top when CoD 4 releases next tuesday.
  • Understandable. Still, considering the problems you are having with Monster with the Ps3 i would still suggest trying a different brand.
  • Has anyone else heard of this problem with Monster Cables?
  • I have a monster HDMI cable and it works just fine