Six Axis Controller
  • How sensitive is this controller.. The reason I ask is because I'm playing L.A.I.R and for some reason ether on my part or due to controller problems (My brother likes to throw controllers when he loses at madden..)the 180 and dash moves are get mix up.. I believe I'm doing the controller movements correct but I dash when I want to 180 and 180 almost never.. It's kinda annoying.. And as far as I know you have to use the six axis to fly..
  • The controller is relatively sensitive when it comes to the SixAxis control for the most part- lair, however, is one game that is the exception to this. The SixAxis control is a bit on the sluggish side and not as good as it should be.

    As for your brother, make him pay for his own controller and let him throw it instead. :p