• i heard that final fantasy is famous
    i got the ffvII
    i played to the place i have to make a bomb(early in game)
    now a monster comes although i have barrel i cant deafet him he does a blue blast how to beat him?i keep attacking with spells and i use potions
  • FINAL FANTASY VII IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!! Let me help you out here:

    Okay, so I assume you must be in the first reactor. What you have to do to defeat that boss is this:

    1. Have Cloud (your spikey haired character) use magic. Lightning works better than Ice so use "Bolt".

    2. Have Barret (the big tough looking guy) use attacks. He has a great attack power against this guy.

    Now, that's the basic battle structure you should use. Once you start to weaken the boss he will raise his tail up. You need to be careful when he raises his tail because that is when he does that "blue blast" attack.


    Use the opportunity when his tail is up to give yourself a potion or two. Then continue to fork over bolts and bullets once the tail comes down.

    If you sustain a certain amount of damage, you may be lucky enough to get to use your limit break. Use them. Both Barret and Cloud have very powerful limits against this boss.:)

    Hope this helps. Let me know one way or the other.
  • thankyou for your help it worked
    the key is to use potions when his tail is up
    :D :D