Please Can Someone help me with PS2 my Online
  • hello, i just bought an ethernet cable and i have a router for my high speed internet connection. i setup the network configuration exactly correct and it worked the 1st time, then it didnt work the 2nd time, i tried it a third time, and it worked, but then all the times after that, it doesnt work. i am trying to play the videogame NHL 2K8 online. i am able to connect all the time, but while the DNAS thing is loading a screen comes up that says Error (-613) and it says there is a problem with the DNS server. I just dont get how it worked twice and now all of a sudden it doesnt work all the tim ever since. i tried unplugging the ethernet cables numerous times but it still didnt work. Please if anyone has any info on this issue reply to this thread because i have no idea wat the problem is. thank you.
  • If you are absolutely sure you have the settings as they should be in the connection file then the problem lies in the router. You may want to try setting up a specific IP address for it in the DHCP settings on the router or maybe put the PS2 into the router's DMZ (demilitarized zone), which will place the system outside of any firewall protection that may be in place. Also check to make sure the ports you need open are not blocked- there should be a listing of which ones are needed in the game's instruction book.
  • how do i setup a specific IP adress for my router, and where are the DHCP settings and where is the routers DMZ. im sorry i dont know all these things. but can u briefly explain them 2 me so i can fix it.thanks
  • Where they are is different from brand to brand, there is no generic answer. All i can suggest is look through the various settings in the router and ou will find the right place.

    For most the DHCP would be found in the Advanced or in the Wireless settings (if your router has wireless). You will need the PlayStation 3's MAC Address, which can be found in the PS3's Settings menu.

    You may want to check out the disc that came with the router- you will find the manual on that. A quick search there for DHCP should find the information you need.
  • oh dang it, i dont have the cd that came with the router. and iwas talking about a PS2 not a PS3, so does that cahnge nething? and im sorry ill ask one more question about these technilogical words, how do i look through the settings in the router and how do i find a DHCP? im really sorry about not knowing all of this, i suck with computers. but i know the ps2s mac address, and if you can reply back with some more info that would very much appreciated. thanks alot.
  • You can also find the manual as a download at the manufacturer's web site. You normally get to the router options through your web browser using the router's IP address with an http:// in front of it. If nothing has been changed use the word admin in either the username or password blank of the box that comes up.

    Sorry about the slight confusion there- too used to saying the PS3 version considering that's what i have. :redface: Still, you can get the address by going into the System Information on the PS2 when the system is on with no game in.
  • im sorry about this but can u run me step by step with this, i have an RCA router and idk how to find the routers adress, si the router adress the same as the computers ip? i think. I found my DHCP adress tho so can i use that to change the -613 really sorry about asking u so many stupid questions, but do u have an irc name or AIM name or nething to talk 2 u without messageing like this, that would be easier and faster and then i can get outta ur hair. Im typing down the DHCP adress so i can look @ this page if i need it, so pay no attention 2 it @ the end of the message. please respond back. thanks a lot. DHCP=
  • The router's IP address should be Throw the http:// in front of that in your browser and this should bring up the log in. Type admin in the password blank and hit the enter key. This will bring you into the router's set up.

    Now, once everything is in place you will see a black bar along the top of this page with things like Status, Network, Advanced, etc. in it. These are the various sections where you can change settings to tweak the router just how you need it.

    That address you found looks somewhat 'off' to me- I would forget that. The easiest solution would be to try the DMZ. First, you will have to set up a specific IP address for your PS2 in its connection file- let's make it to make sure it won't interfere with the computer wanting online at the same time. Once that is saved on your PlayStation 2 go back to the router set up and click on Advanced in that bar along the top of the page.

    Now, down the left side you should see eight buttons- the one you want is the second from the bottom, "DMZ Host". Change the 0 in the blank to a 10 and click the Apply button just below it. This should put your PlayStation 2 outside of the router's firewall and able to access online play.

    BTW, here is a link to a .pdf file version of the router's instruction manual. The bit I was describing is on page 41.
  • wow, that was a lot of info and i appreciate it. but wen i go to the the htttp number thing it brings up a Thomas Cable modem technical difficulties thing. and should i use the IP you gave me 2 use in the IP section of the network configuration? once again im really sorry im an idiot, so is there ne other thing i can put like the Http:// thing to actually work with the black bar nd stuff? well please get back 2 me and thanks.
  • A "technical difficulties" message? Odd.

    You may have to wait for those 'technical difficulties" to pass or contact your net provider about it. You should have been able to get to the router settings using (anyone else reading this don't bother clicking the link, it will lead you nowhere). That is the only way to get to the router settings. Until you can get to them to make changes you may as well not bother using the address i suggested for the PS2.

    One other thing you could try is a bit more editing to the PS2's connection file. You may have some things in wrong on the PS2. When going in use Custom 9may be called manual) settings for the router address (the, subnet mask (should be and the DNS servers (these are given by your internet provider so you may have to call them).
  • ok i will try that that sounds good, thanks for all the help if it doesnt work ill get back 2 ya with more info.:D
  • i didnt try to go online but this is the link that i keep going to wen i go to the router ip thing. and idk wat to do from there, its THomas Cable Modem Diagnostics and i have the MAC adress can u tell me nemore sites to go 2 or wat exactly do i need from the router settings. il lsend something else after i try 2 reconfig the PS2 ONline configuration. thanks
  • now it sasy error (-612) error in finding DNS Servers and i put them both correct buand the ip addresses and evrything else i put in right, i dotn get why its not working shjould i contact my ISP?
  • That link won't work for me- it's meant to just get you to the router settings. Anyone not at your computer can't get anywhere with it.

    At this point i think maybe contacting your ISP's tech support may be the best option- sounds like they are using equipment that is not quite at the normal standards level.
  • ok thanks a lot for all ur help ill reply back if i have nemore problems after contacting my ISP. thanks.
  • i didnt contact my ISP yet but im an idiot and i have RCA modem not a router im an idiot, so do u have ne suggestions about wat i can do for my modem not a router.
  • Ok, in that case I have a somewhat simple idea. When you go switching the cable from your computer to the PS3, turn off the modem first. Maybe the problem you are having is the modem did not "let go" of the ZIP address given to your computer when connected to it. Once switched over, power it up again.

    I would also suggest conacting your ISP and ask them about the DNS servers' addresses and enter hose into the PS3's connection setting.