my ps3 will not connect to internet
  • ve found the network on the network settings, i went through all the options and saved them, but when i do a connection test it says it cant find the IP address.

    so i go through the network settings but this time i enter in the IP address manually, but when i do a connection test the IP works but this says it error during communication with server DNS error, code 80710102
  • You may have to go in and enter your other information manually. If you have a router all of the information you need can be found there in the Status page of its settings.
  • ive entered my DNH server but still no luck
  • You will likely have to edit some settings on your router as well, either setting an IP address in the DHCP section or find the DMZ and put your PS3 in there.
  • how to i edit my router
  • This is done in your web browser. You should have been given an IP address to go to that lets you into the router settings. Linksys routers, for example, are normally If you can tell me what brand and model of router you have i should be able to find the instructions on how you can do it.
  • i have jjust bought wireless aol. but i dont no how to set it up on my ps3
  • They should have provided you with the wireless router when setting you up. What i was really looking for is the brand name and model of the router they gave you.
  • ive got a bt home hub router an im having this same proberlem? :confused: