Chaos Break-What's teh "sudoku" puzzle solution?
  • Chaos Break PSX

    My problem is...

    The chief of security at the Fluxus lab has a thing for puzzle games.
    The code for the laser trap in a hallway is hidden in this these
    puzzles. Rick and Mitsuki have different passwords and more over
    the number is different each session. So the method of beating this
    puzzle is what I need.

    -all numbers are between 1 and 6
    -the grids are 6 by 6. The are colored blue (b),gray (g) and white (w).
    There are only 6 white slots so I think the numbers there would be
    the needed code. "x" will represent a blank box.
    -Mayers notes under the puzzle pictures: "A number from 1-6 goes in
    each cell. A number for 1-6 goes in each of the 6 bold cells" Those are
    your game clues.

    Rick Puzzle
    3b 2b 6b 5g 1g 4g
    5b xb xb xg xg 6g
    4w xw xw xb xb 3b
    6w xw xw xb xb 5b
    2b xb xb xg xg 1g
    1b 6b 4b 3g 5g 2g

    If any bored smart people can help that would be great.
    Zombie Eater says this is a magic square puzzle. In my own
    figuring I can get the horizontal and vertical lines to add to 21 but
    my diagonals are off.
    On a whole I like Taito games but this is silly. Who wants
    to shut off their Playstation and then fiddle with math?
    PLEASE !!!
    Can anyone PLEASE tell me the friggin' code.I can't past to the next level!C' mon,it's not like you'll spend hours on giving me the answer!It only takes a minute or two!
  • Just make the sudoku and ONLY AFTER it gives you teh answer imput the numbers.
  • 3 2 6 5 1 4
    5 4 1 2 3 6
    4 1 5 6 2 3
    6 3 2 1 4 5
    2 5 3 4 6 1
    1 6 4 3 5 2

    There's the sudoku solution (including proper diagonals).
    Does that help? :huh:
  • hey guys,
    can anyone help me?
    cuz my problem is the same @_@
    but this is the puzzle:

    x 4 3 x 5 6
    x x 5 2 x 3
    x 5 x x 6 x
    6 x 1 x 2 x
    x 2 x 6 x 5
    5 1 6 4 3 x
  • Using a quick bit of logic has me solving this one in just a couple of minutes- looking at the bottom row you'll see the only number missing is the 2. Now, go up the right side and you see the only numbers missing are 1 and 4- you already have a 1 in the 4th row so that's figured out. In the end I came up with:

  • thanks Lyndon M STAFF.
    but now I have a new problem @_@
    What I need to do now? Cuz, when I put the numbers in the right order, nothing happens .-.