Warhawk wont play after patch ???????
  • Hey,
    I started up Warhawk today to download the new patch, i did this successfully but after it said this, 'content cant be accessed by this account', or something similar to that. Now every time i try and start Warhawk up i get that message ???????? Any ideas why and how to fix it..........:confused:

  • Rob, if you go into the game data folder in your game menu you should find the update file there- delete that and you should be able to get going again.
  • Thats the first thing i thought but, its not there its something like Favourite servers and settings, the folder is called i think. I'll take another look ?????
    Thanks for the reply......:)
  • In the game data folder there is no data of the patch.
    In the saved data folder it is favourite servers and settings, and thats not the folder you're talking about anyway is it.:rolleyes:
    Well i'm baffled.......:(
  • Hmm...it should have went into the Game Data Utility folder, same as the Motorstorm updates do.

    I had a go at downloading the update myself but it wouldn't start due to an error (most likely because of my connection being a bit slower at the moment- power outages in the area because of weather). You may want to try uninstalling warhawk altogether and re-download it.
  • There is no Motorstorm update folder either.........:( Never mind the Warhawk........
    That means i still havent got the coyote revenge weekend pack i paid for........:(
    Anyway, i'll try that Lyn Thanks for the help..........:)
  • In the game data folder the Motorstorm data is for update 2.0 and there is nothing for Warhawk............:confused:
  • They must put everything in that Settings file in the Save data folder when updating Warhawk- you may have to delete that if uninstalling Warhawk doesn't take it out and then re-download the game.
  • Ok Lyn, thanks again, i'll try it..........:D