Signed off from PlayStation Network?
  • My question is:
    Why do I receive the message saying: "You have been signed off the play station network" on my PS3. It is already the 4th week I am not able to go online with my PS3 to play any games.
  • It may be something happening with the PlayStation Network in your area. I get signed off on occasion as well but not very often overall.

    It's also a possibility your current hookup for the internet access may be blocking some incoming and making them think you signed out. It's really hard to say for sure without more information.
  • nikitinr, like Lyndon said, we could be much more helpful if you posted more information concerning the problem. Go into your PS3's internet connection settings, and write down what you see. Tell us how you have everything set, whether things are set to default, and what you have changed manually. Sometimes, it's something so simple it's stupid :)

    Does your PS3 share its connection via a router, or WiFi? Does the internet connection work fine with other devices or computers?