Help My playstation2 doesn't work
  • Someone please advise. My son's playstation2 system won't work anymore. Not even with a brand new game. It doesn't boot up past the browser screen. Prior to this it would freeze occasionally during a game. Sometimes it would also give a red colored screen and say bad disk. Now it won't do anything. Is there something I can do to fix the problem or somewhere cheap I can get it repaired. We got like 25 games and I ain't up to buying a ps3.:frown: :mad: :(
  • I'm afraid you will have to talk to Sony about repairs for the machine, which will involve sending it in. I don't know how much they will charge but they should be able to say over the phone. Depending on what they say you may find it cheaper in the long run to get a new PS2 system if you aren't thinking PS3 just yet.