Polls and Pictures ?????
  • I haven't figured out how to set up a poll... Is that just for staff?... And also can I post a picture directly with my message or just links... Thanks
  • No, polls can be done by all members. When you are making your new thread down at the bottom of the page you will see several options- one of these is "post a poll" . Just check the box beside that and when you hit the "submit thread' button you will be taken to another page to set up your poll. When making polls the only thing we ask is it pertain to the subject matter of the thread it's made in- for example, don't ask "what's your favorite flavor of ice cream" when talking about Assassin's Creed. (Silly, i know, but I have seen this sort of thing at other sites).

    Most of our member sections do also allow images. All you need to do is use the tags on either side of the URL of the image. When doing this it is preferred to link only to your own images hosted on free sites such as ImageShack or PhotoBucket- it isn't polite to link to people's images directly from their site plus it adds extra bandwidth costs. Also try to keep the pics to a reasonable size to allow for those still on dial up. ;)