• hi, i don't know why my psp starting to act weird on me. I'm trying to start a new game on Burnout; i got to the screen where i need to type my name but my dpad is acting weird moving by itself. When i try to race in the game the car keeps on turning right instead of going straight. It driving me crazy.... please help.
  • You probably have some dirt in there under the d-pad or the contact under there is starting to get bad. Either way will require being able to pop th top off to get underneath.

    Now, i only recommend doing this yourself if you are somewhat familiar with handling electronics repairs- you may be better off contacting Sony and ask them what you can do. Most likely they will have you send the PSP in for repair/ replacement which, if you are out of warranty, will cost you a bit of cash to get taken care of. I don't know how much, they will have to tell you.