• I've heard about Daguerro but I can't seem to find it.
  • Dagureo(spelling??) is near the chocobo lagoon it is on a huge cliff on an island.
  • Daguerro is on a island, not so big, near Chocobos Lagoon. And it's also near a Qu's Marsh island, and for it all together:
    It's near the island of Ipsens castle and Oeilvert.
    Quans Dwelling(What you call Quan Cave Springs) Is near Treno. Seen the forests near Treno? It's behind it. And the Scorpio is downstairs the water where your HP and MP can be restored, by the wall.
  • You can also find the hidden 13th Stellazio where Scorpio was, and if you have a chocobo and a Dead pepper, you do something to get to the ocean on the other side use a dead pepper and you get some treasure and a Red Rose card.
  • you could also find grand dragons outside
    the da guerero. They will help you to gain level
    much faster