PS2 titles on PS3 "online ?"
  • :confused: A quick question about online gameplay. I have recently tried to play Rachet & Clank 3 (PS2 title) on my PS3 and mostly the game runs fine except a bit of lag in video to audio sync. during cut scenes. Anyway, I was curious if anyone has ever got any PS2 online capable game to run on a PS3 ? Not so much a huge issue but the "multiplayer" in R&C-3 looks like it would be pretty fun!:D
  • I've played Madden 07 on my ps3...It worked fine after I figured out how to do all the set up mumbo jumbo to create a ps2 account...
  • It's fairly simple, drumstix- what you have to do is set up a connection file on the virtual PS2 card on your PS3. Go through this routine copying the numbers you use for your PS3 connection and it should let you online on PS2 games with no trouble.
  • Yess R&C 3 does play on the PS3............:D:D Thanks for pointing that out Drumstix Lol....... And ye what Lyn and Shootem said.......;)