Logged off of the playstation network
  • well the problem started suddenly. I had my broadband connection installed a couple of month ago. My laptop works fine without any problems but with my PS3 is a different story. At first it worked fine. As I connected my PS3 to the internet I put in manually the same IP address what I have on my laptop and it worked good for a week but then this message suddenly appeared one morning when I tried to go online and since then I'm not able to connect. At the same time my laptop is forking fine???????????????
    Do you guys have any ideas????
  • There's why you are disconnected, i think- because you are using the same IP as your computer you are running into a conflict. Only one device can have the same IP address at a time.

    Change the IP address to go automatic or set up another custom IP for it in your router (you do have one?) and you should be fine.