• Hey bud I don't think there is one because I haven't seen one however I do have the stragedy guide and if there is anything I can do to help I'll send it to you. Oh yeah and you might wanna try or which will let you link to
  • Check out the cheats and tips section
  • i know. i have one give me ur e-mail address.
  • i saw 1 in in ff9 section look in it and scroll down to a link that says
    World map w/locations
    or somthin like that
  • Go to the have a complete map including crack/bubbles also tells whats in them
  • ff9hq has the full location of chocographs,cracks,bubbles on printable map. SpeedDemon knows.
  • Alright here's a few rules for you guys to look at. First we don't post in all caps as it is considered yelling and the staff usually delete such posts. And second we are prohibited from posting or conversing about other gaming related sites or sites that sell anything.
  • By tomorrow or earlier on I will load a chocograph treasures map where it shows the bubbles and the cracks.
  • Usually if you enter "final fantasy 9 chocograph map" into your address line at the top of your web page it will search the web for sites with what you need. Simple!! Have Fun!!
  • You can check Tadeo's Strategy guidein URL was removed as it is against APi rules to post URls of other gaming related siteshis guide has full info about FF9 and of course SECRETS!!!!? :2devilish:
  • Hi i know a very good rpg site also about ff9 its called URL removed as it was against the forum rules
  • Have anybody playd ff9 more then 150 hours then mail me or have the Exsalibur2 sword :)
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  • Hey this may help this is Chocograph description etc.. everything about Chocograph