Ps2 read errors help???!!!
  • i don't know if someone has posted this, but is there anyone having issues with their ps3 60gig only reads ps2 games at start up with the system is cool? it seems to read at the first boot up....but after the second try does not work. ps one games read just fine no matter how the system is running. anyone have a clue what is going on??

    i'm debating if i should ship my 60gig ps3 to sony for warranty exchange....i'm holding off because i'm afraid sony will ship 60gig model without the ps2 chip in it. any help would be appreciated.
  • I definitely have not heard of this happening to anyone else anywhere. I would definitely call Sony right away to arrange for the exchange. Holding off will only make it more likely they run out of 60 G systems when you do finally get to it.

    BTW, they never did remove the EE chip from the 60 GB systems. They started with the emulation method in the 80 GB systems in North America. Even if you do wind up getting one of these it will play most PS2 games with no problems.
  • ok so i send back my ps3 to sony....well i'm a little pissed off. They not only send me a used ps3, but accessories as well. the biggest complaint is the system has the same problems. i am wondering if someone can verify that their ps3 will read ps2 games twice in a row. if they can then i must have another defective ps3. any suggestions on what to do? i'ved call sony, which their customer service is horrible. will call again to see what happens.
  • It's normal practice to send back a refurbished unit, i beleive. Keep after them about it- if necessary, ask to speak to a supervisor.

    My system has had no problems with PS2 games (one of the 20 GB systems from launch day).
  • you've been a real good help. i've went through 2 supervisor's and they still can't resolve my problem. i've demanded for a new system, they will not allow it when their warranty state's if have the same problem or defective scea will replace with reimbursed units or brand new one. i'm so pissed off at sony right now. never do business with them!!!
  • Out of curiosity, how old is the system you originally sent? If you are well within the range of the store's return policy you could take it back to them and exchange for a new system.
  • 2 months old, but tooked forever for sony to send me the box, so now it's been about 4 months old with used not refurnished system. all i'm trying to do is get as much information so i can keep arguing with sony to get a new one replaced.

    in store is only 7 days of purchase.
  • I really wonder why they are so stubborn sometimes with this sort of thing- their policy states quite clearly they are required to replace it if the refurbished/ replacement system is doing the same thing as the system you sent in for repair. I don't know if there is much else that can be done other than try to go higher up the chain of command about it. If you keep after them about it they will eventually give in.

    Only a 7 day return policy? That's pretty short- as well, it was an idea.
  • they are good though, it's hard to break their barriers. let me ask you this question.

    the limited service warranty service states: sony computer entertainment america warrants to the original purchaser that his repaired or exchanged product (hardware, and any accessories) shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment of the repaired or exchange product (the warranty period) or the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty period for the original purchase whichever is greater. IF ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE IDENTIFIED PRODUCTS IS DETERMINED TO BE DEFECTIVE DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, SCEA'S LIABILITY SHALL BE LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THIS PRODUCT WITH A NEW OR REFURBISHED PRODUCT AT SCEA'S OPTION.

    with that policy in had do what do you think in my position? clearly they should send me a new unit, because of what happened. i can't move above the manager position. still trying. and thanks for the inputs
  • It's pretty much iron clad- your replacement system is doing the exact same thing as your original well within the 90 days of when they sent you the replacement. As such, they are required to replace or repair this replacement system.

    If they won't do anything even after quoting back their own policy to them I would suggest possibly getting a bit more extreme about it- possibly contacting the Better Business Bureau or maybe the local media's correspondent for their consumer watch segments.
  • spoke with the i guess highest position there is....same thing, good suggestion even at that level they can not back up their own policy. good idea to go through better business bureau. wow this is the worse company i've seen so far. their customer service sucks.

    thanks for the help.
  • now i am even more pissed.....i am at my 3rd playstation and still have the same problem with reading ps2 games (stated first post). the question is, is it truly an defective for the 60gig ps3? if that's the case shit i regret sending back my NEW ps3. i don't know if i should call sony back (after days and hours bitching at them) for another ps3? does anyone have the same problem as me??!!