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    Curse the Day I was born female! Being born female, while allowing me to feel the warmth and security of the opposite sex, opened me into a world where talking is encouraged. In fact, the weird girls were known to the be the ones who did not talk.Why do I argue about this now? Because I am trying to write a short story that is less than 5,000 words and I simply cannot do it. I have written two stories and while the first one is good...the second one is better. My teacher said that I should submit the second one into the contest instead of the first one. However, there is one problem.
  • I would read your story Mel, you know that, right?
    I really like reading your stories, they're so so so, well they're really really really good :)

    Oh and got to say this...

  • Hi Melinda.

    You ask if we could help you shorten the story. We'd be glad to, but it'd require you to post it ;). I'd love to read it. 'Specially if you say it's a hot-button story. I'm all for that, because people don't speak their minds anymore (For fear of lawsuits :rolleyes:). Just let us know when you post it, cause it's hard to keep up, ya know?

    While you are posting that, I'd like to mention that I am working on a fiction blog of my own (Not to compete with yours - these will be chiller/thriller tales), and will make a post on here about it soon. Writing has been a life-long interest for me, and hearing you say that you are excited about writing makes me excited to write more.

    I just don't take time to do the things that used to matter to me anymore :( Writing is on top of that list.
  • Hey Mel? You say it's about 7500 words and it needs to be 5000?

    Solution = Drop every third word. ;)
  • Chris S STAFF said:
    Solution = Drop every third word. ;)

    Very funny Chris. The only problem with that is the amount of 7500 is a rough estimate. I'd tell ya the real amount, but eh. It's better to make it nice and round.:)