Memory card slot 1 doesnt work
  • I never had problems with my Ps1 or 2.But for this one I blame maybe my moving + airport baggage service, dunno:frown: Whenever I try to put a mem card in the slot 1, it detects nothing..though the 2nd slot works.The problem is that half of the games save only on the slot 1.SO, I suspect there might be a problem with the cable, connecting the slot 1 with the motherboard,Im supposed to go to some repair service, or is it also possible to buy a cable\mem slot part\whatever and repair it myself *not myself,but somebody whos 'friedly' with electronics?:)
  • If you do know someone that can handle this sort of thing you can get replacement memory card slots at some online stores. Another alternative would be to find a PS2 that died on someone and get that to scavenge the parts from.
  • Thanx for ur reply!
    well this morning we seemed to make it,the slot is working again.But just as the new game was inside (which was working yesterday), after the intros and menu,when the game starts,the PS2 switches off by itself, and the red light on it is blinking.:|
    what a hella luck I have these days.

    upd: ugh..the silly person forgot to connect the fan..nm O_O
  • That was a bit of an oversight on his part wasn't it? :rolleyes: Good to hear things are working again.