• I don't know if it's the game itself or the system or what's going on. I've had two different PS2s and every version of Guitar Hero but when I play two player I can't hear the guitar for the first player. It sounds fine on single player but as soon as multiplayer starts up, the notes being played by first player don't make any noise when you hit them but then when the notes for the second player are played the sound is really loud. I've tried plugging the cables into different audio ports on my tv and I even plugged the audio cables into my stereo and it still happens. I turned the settings on the game from stereo to mono and it sort of fixes it but it sounds like straight trash. And like I said before, two different systems, all the versions of the game, different audio plug-ins, nothing changes. Is there something with the game? Does anyone know how to fix this? Anything you could give me help with would be much appreciated. Thanks!