• I was just wondering and if anyone else agrees with me on this. How did Vivi have kids? DId he and Quina tie the not on their honeymoon..ew. My friend and i were trying to figure out a logical answer and i didnt see any female mages out there. Anyone else find this confusing?
  • Well, there was another mage who was about the size of Vivi who was alongside him, so I guess she's the one.
  • i don't remember any Vivi type mages in FF 9 other than Vivi.
  • I have the same question about the ending of FF7, how did Red13 have kids when he was the last of his kind?
  • [i] Ok to answer.
    PB- How would you know it was a she, they were all created?! Id like to know where she came from to.
    Juggleknot- Vivi was all against being made so i dont know if he wanted to create when he despised it. I think when he and Quina got married..well you know.:shocked::biggrin:
    SpeedDemon- Thats another thing, do you think he had enough time to procreate with Aerith in the chamber when it was smokey?? Naw, Aerith died though.

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