Reviving my PS One
  • Hello! I'm a new member in this forum. Could anyone give me any suggestion on how I could revive my PS One? It's still working. No problems whatsoever. What I meant by reviving is being able to use it in other ways. I simply stopped gaming because I had to focus on my studies. But now, I'm getting the itch back. What can I do to my PS One? I'm planning to use it in my car for the mean time that I haven't bought a PS2 or PS3. Are there ways to download games and burn them then use it in my PS One? any suggestion on how to revive my PS One will be greatly appreciated. :)
  • Play some classic old games. What genre are you into? Maybe you could play gran turismo 2, its a great game. Or any of the final fantasy's.

    As far as the downloading/burning games goes, we are strictly anti-piracy here.