Playing music from playlist and playing at the same time???
  • You know I am a real supporter of Playstation/Sony. I've owned all three consoles and refused to buy and xbox 360 when it came out. I waited for the Ps3 to finally hit the stores. I keep hearing just wait it will get better, while xbox is still str8 kicking our butts with better graphics, fps, and other features that the ps3 doesnt have. I actually thought with this new update we would have a real xmb and I will be able toplay music from my playlist while gaming! I mean for an extra 200 bucks compared to the xbox, I wanna be blown away! I miserably have to admit that Im not. I have a lil brother that constantly asks me if my ps3 can do this and that and I say no it doesnt. He chuckles and says my xbox does:(
    I know I can turn on the stereo, or an Ipod, but why? I want it to work with the Ps3!
    Im not hating on Sony/ Playsation. I just want to know if we will blow xbox out of the water and will you guys come through?
    This new software update is nothing spectacular.
    I'd like to know how some of you feel as well.

  • Tico said:
    ...I just want to know if we will blow xbox out of the water and will you guys come through?...

    Sorry to tell you this Tico but this is just a fan forum.

    You can still ask us for our opinions and help and whatnot, it's just that we can't actually do anything about anything really big like, in this case, the Firmware Updates as we do not actually have anything to do with Sony.

    I hope you'll stick around the place though. If you have any problems with a game, maybe you're stuck on a level, or perhaps need some cheats, then just ask away and we'll do our best to help.

    I hope I've not scared you off or anything :)

    Site Squad