• what needs to be done before I can equip ultima weapon in FF9? in the item screen it says something about can only be used by certain knights or something like that. Thanks
  • It is equipable to Steiner! Zidane's is where the Shimmiring Island was,
  • r u sure! poo. i guess i'll just sell it
  • This is difficult one there are 2 Ultima weapons.... one for Zidane and one for Steiner difference.. Zidane there is only one.... Steiner you can buy a lot of them for 14000 gil or something.. Location: Zidane: Shimering Island, right on the middle, use dead pepper. Steiner: Daguerreo, Weapon shop, Gil

    Attack Power: Zidane:100
  • To get that weapon you need to have the gold Chocobo :wave: then get to center of the Shimmering Island and use the dead pepper to take this great weapon :2devilish: It make your attack 100. About Steiner 's Ultima's weapon you can buy it in Daguerro!!! :mad: