3/4 of games freeze (Help I'm noob)
  • Hi,

    I've got PS2 77004 console which I bought this year.
    I had Modo 760 installed.

    Almost 3/4 th of all games that I download from internet freeze.
    I record them on good DVDs (Verbatim, Benq, Emtec) both on DVD+ and DVD -.

    I use ImgBurn to burn them and I use 2x speed.

    But, despite this all of these games freeze.
    I bought a laser cleaning DVD and I also used it and I cleaned the console with high pressure air cleaner.

    Is there any way to make the console DVDs or maybe I need to do something called rebuilding them (e.g with Isobuster)?

    Is there a sure way to burn iso's onto DVD's?
  • I'm sorry, but you will not find any help here when it comes to mod-chips or illegal burns. We are strictly anti-piracy at these forums and do not support illegal modding in any way.
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