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    This is my first entry on the PSNetwork blog, so I thought I'd ask a general question as it revolves around the comment of "deleting an entry "which WE feel" it's not use to anyone..." can someone clarify that comment in a blog context, as I have my own site (not Myspace, or Facebook) a proper site, and on that site I have a blog... surely isn't a blog an online diary of someone's personal thoughts....
  • DJTC, the rule about deleting a blog post which we don't find any use to anyone is mainly the consequence of a cheapy post.

    Being that this is a family friendly site, we expect that people are able to maintain control on what they say. Yes, a diary is supposed to be the one place where you can cut loose and say whatever you want, but if your post causes an uproar it really shouldn't be kept here should it?;)

    I have written about relatively hot button topics on here at some point or another, but while I am doing so I am able to maintain a healthy distance from what I'm writing.

    I suppose the best way to explain this would be through an example.

    Say I were to write about racism. If I write a general "bare facts" entry about racism with occasionally my own general commentary on those facts, this is what we would see as being of use to someone.

    Now on the other hand, if I were to write an entry on racism and go on a long drawn out hateful vent about how I believe one race is over another, obviously that is of no use to anyone. It will possibly cause an uproar within the site and therefore get deleted.

    I have yet to see anyone delete any posts from a blog, but I believe that if someone writes something that is not within the "family friendly" nature of the site it must get some in depth consideration.

    It's a very vague line that divides the useful and useless, but I hope you aren't planning on treading on that line repeatedly.

    Glad to see someone apart from me finally posting something by the way. It's nice to hear from other people in the blog world. It gets really lonely here.:)
  • Coolio Mel, I've been enlighten... thanks muchly matey.... I actually have a blog on my main website and was planning on transposing a summary of my main blog on to this site to save typing it again, but that's all good, though I do cuss a few people, I'll make sure the summary is family friendly... so it's all good in the hood...