New Member Here
  • I've been looking at this site for a little bit and am quite happy with what I see. I just got my first PS3 the other day (40 gig). I have been a long time Playstation fan from the birth of it back in the day. I even borrowed a friend's 360 for a week and still leaned towards the PS3. Tradition ya know! I'm a long time SOCOM fan and cant wait for that to come out early next year for this. My first game for the PS3 is Call of Duty 4 and it f'n rocks! Anyways....just wanted to introduce myself. Friends call me Nec. Laters.
  • Welcome to Absolute Playstation NecroshineX! I'm so glad you've come around here. It's been a little quiet here without you.;)

    So I take it you must like shooters seeing as how you have Call of Duty. That's pretty cool. I'm not a good shooter gamer myself. My one and only shooter game I only got about an eighth of the way through.

    Anyway, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me or one of the other STAFF members and we'll do our absolute best to find you the answer.

    Happy posting!:)
  • Hi Nec , You made the right decision! I too had a friend with a xbox360 and the first tormenting problem I noticed was, music you put on it cant seem to be moved/copied to a memory stick,plus the prioritized HD! The only thing I seemed to like about the crapbox was the controler design. Although Im getting used to the tiny,small PS controller,guess I went to the dark side for too long,LOL, anyway welcome aboard and I agree with Melinda it has been pretty quiet lately.....guess everyone is "folding @ home" , hehehe or playing some of the new fall quarter games... Laterzzz