help connecting ps3 to network
  • I have been able to connect to the network using netgear router but it has suddenly stopped and wont connect can anyone advice please
  • Sometimes a router just gets a bit messed up and has to be turned off for a minute to "reset". have you tried this?
  • just tried it in the same room as router and it worked can anyone suggest a more powerful router we are currently using netgear wpa
  • Maybe instead of a new router you could try a range extender/ repeater. These are used to relay the wifi signal and give a larger range. Considering you are using a netgear router i would suggest the Netgear WGX102. By their information you simplyplug this into an electrical outlet and you are good to go. The price on this directly from Netgear is $90 US but i am sure it can be had cheaper elsewhere.