• after the battle at the Lifa tree and the group returns to Alexandria, you get the chance to race Hippaul and win cards.
  • Ok, Juggle. 1. Yes, you still get the Genji card at level 70.
    2.Lvl. 80=Athlete Queen Card and that's the last one.
    3.It is possible to get to level 80.
    Just remember that you can still jump rope later in the game by going back to Alexandria and finding the girls near where the bell used to be. At levels 10=Wyerd card and 20=Carrion worm card. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Heres a trick even though its cheap.
  • Quote from madhtr, posted on Oct. 04 2001,1:30
    Lvl. 80=Athlete Queen Card and that's the last one.
    color] :thumbsup:

    It's really not a card but a key item. If you want another suggestion, change the button configuration to the one that is most comfortable, like instead of triangle and X, do like Square and circle so your hands are apart and not close together.
  • i'm on disc 3, not worried about the level 80 thing if it's not a card (not this time through anyway).
  • Ok, remember the place where in the beginning of the game where Vivi and the kid climbed a ladder to watch the play? The girls are there. To be more precise, go to the square of Alexandria, go left, go down through the alleyway, once your out head south until you see a church lookalike on the last building on the left side of the screen go inside it and jump your way towards perfection! :thumbsup: O, one thing I'm not TOTALLY sure...but I think you can only find the girls in disc 4...I could be wrong as I haven't played the game in a long time.