my ps2 don't work on any type cd(DVD)
  • hi... i have a trouble when i buy a dvd game ps2, sometimes it's can read.. then i tried to open my ps2 chase, adjust the optic (in the right optic lens). it's work !!! just when loading still long (about 10 - 15 minutes to work)..., sorry with my bad language... :confused:
  • No problem regarding the language, bimby- I've seen much worse from others over the years! ;)

    You may need to clean that lens a bit using a q-tip or cotton swab and just a very little bit of rubbing alcohol in case it is a bit of dirt on there making it harder to read.

    If that doesn't help and you are sure you have the lens aligned correctly your system may be on the starting stages of dying off. You can get replacement parts for the PS2 but the overall costs between buying them, shipping, getting someone to install, etc. would likely add up to the price of a new system.
  • Lyndon hit it bimby. I have found that 90% of the time that my friends complained about thier PS2's not reading or (selective reading) as I call it, its the lense that has to be cleaned. ITs an easy, 10 minute job and 9 out of 10 times, it will read like new. Just be careful when cleaning using a q-tip. Sometimes you leave fuzz from it on the lense without knowing. (ive done it)If you have a magnifying glass, use it to be sure. Personally, I use a corner of a folded paper towel but both will work. While you are in there, make sure to blow out all the dust from the especially and front grill. Bad airflow is the leading cause of system failing and overheating issues.