the land that doesnt end(ff7)
  • in final fantasy 7 i reached a place where i keep walking and i return to the same place always:confused:
    i walk straight not in O :p
    what to do ?:(
    the land is a desert
  • Can you tell me what the name of the area is?
  • "gold saucer area" is the name outside the city
    "cold desert" is the name inside
  • All righty then.

    When you first get here you can buy some items at The Ghost Square along with the Turtles Paradise flyer no. 3. Bull Motors has some x-potions for the steaing and you can also purchase potions, phoenix downs and tents from the guy in the prison pub.

    Try to enter the gold saucer and you will find you need a pass to do so. If you can afford it get the lifetime pass, otherwise get the one time pass. After a talk with Barret inside jump into the Wonder Square tunnel to get a new member to your party, Cait Sith. Go to the battle square and an event will take place- you'll soon find yourself in the Desert Prison.

    You'll find a hole in the screen that leads to a chest but you can't open it. leave this screen heading down instead and save your game. Head for the first house on the right- Barret will appear again triggering another story sequence and he will join your party for a bit. Leave the house and go up. Go into the fence entrance on the left (which should be unblocked now) and head through. head right on the next screen. You'll come to a screen which looks like it has a pile of trash. Head to the top but do not exit just yet. Equip Barret with Restore and elemental paired to fire in his armor- you are headed to a boss battle Barret must fight on his own.
  • im sorry
    the names i said are true but the place you are talking about i got done with some time ago
    the place im talking about is a place where i keep walking in a desert and when i go out i return to the same place it doesnt end its a desert only without anything else
    no buildings
    no people
    the only monster i faced there is a huge worm