• I just wanted a little help on the post I made before about the Land Spirits' side quest on FF9..pulleeeeeaaaasssseee!
  • [b]I am sorry but I dont remember what you are talking about.
  • Oh those things!!! If you click on my WWW box youll be transported to my website.
  • thanx for the help, I'll go check it out!
  • Hi everyone...again!
    I tried to find them but I couldn't, I only found rainbow garuda! Genestarwind, in your faq u say that the gost can be found in front of Treno, where exactly?...and the Vile Island?..where is it?..is it the one near the centre of the map where the ship can't land?..help, I'm lost!!!!
  • Hi GeneStarwind...again!Sorry I'm not writting directly to you but I still haven't explored everything in AP.
    About the last friendly monster, if the island u were talking about is the one from where u can see the Lifa tree, then I already suspected it...the problem is I can't land the Hilda Garde 2 because there's no grass on it..what do I do? :0
    About the gost in Treno, I'll keep tryin'...after all, it's all part of the game, right?
    Thanks a lot, and if u need anything from me (in gaming u don't need my help), just ring! :thumbsup:
  • [b]You are going to need a gold chocobo for that.
  • Hey Speedemon!I would do that, if I could...but it's not possible to land the ship in forests, only on grassy plains!
    Thanx for the help though
  • Yes, you are right about ships not being able to land in forests but as SpeedDemon mentioned, you will need to get a Gold Chocobo which only takes off and lands in forests. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Hey guys!!!..Yeah, I wasn
  • Hi again everyone!Just wondering if you could clear me on a small doubt: is it possible to take the ship to a location and then from there call a chocobo?
    Tnank u once more :thumbsup:
  • You know what?
  • [b]I believe you have to find chocobo tracks to call one.
  • Hey everyone, the paininthehass is back!!!!! :2devilish:
    I finally could understand some flaws of mine: I didn't know that the chocographs were found by playin the hot & cold game...problem:the message in the game said that there werem no more chocographs by diggin in the choco forest, where do I find them now?
    Speedemon is right, we can call chocos by gettin in their tracks and using gysahl greens!
    So now, all I have to do is find the chocographs!!!!
    Thanx u guys!!!! :thumbsup:
  • You need to fly to the island way down south that has chocobo tracks on it and then you need(you should have a shallow water chocobo at this time) and follow the water around until you get to the Chocobo Lagoon which you'll only be able to go through half of it until you get a deep sea chocobo which you can then use to search the rest of the Lagoon in the Chocobo Hot & Cold game. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Got it...thanx a million Madthr!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  • And remember Catstepz, the map on my website shows where the Lagoon is. And dont worry about asking questions. That's what were here for. *pours a cup of coffee* Im here till *sips* 9