how i get internet connection
  • Hi, i got my ps3 last summer and i dont where to connect my ethernet to my pc and sometimes it says
    obtain ip address:succeeded
    Internet Connection:failed
    and it always say that all the time i do a internet connection test
    So can u help me ?:D
  • I'll need you to clarify just how you are hooking up here. You say you are plugging the ethernet cable into your computer? If this is the case your computer needs Internet Connection Sharing enabled- this thread has a link to Microsoft's guide to doing this.
  • i plug the ethernet into the USB Etherlink and put information on the ps3 then when i do the test it says:
    IP Address:succeeded
    Internet Connection:Failed

    An error occurred during communication with the server.
    This is a DNS error
  • You may want to try editing in your DNS servers on the PS3 to match what was given to you by your internet provider. You should be able to find this by checking out your connection settings on the computer or simply call them and ask.