Help im stuck at kuja castle disk 3
  • I am stuck at the last candle that i am suppose to fight Valia Pira, i am there waiting for "!" ot "?" over ziko head but is not happening] :mad: Trying to fiqure it out please help
  • In my opinion, the Castle's Candles Puzzle is the most difficult one in the entire game. The second time I played FFIX, it took almost the same time to solve it. I don't know quite well where you at, but I think it get's quite obvious what to do when you light all right candles. It's really stressing but are you QUITE SURE you've lit ALL the candles you must lit? As far as I remeber, if you light those candels who change the shades between demons and angels, you'll see stairs appearing from nowhere and you'll reach a floor where you fight the boss. I've only played the game two times and it's too big to remeber correctly how it works... Gool luck! Maybe some of the members may help you, there are some FF Specialists... I think Dagger's Lover is quite an expert on the matter! Stay cool!
  • this should help

    Before going up the stairs, examine the lamp on the left angel. A red light will appear on the right angel. Examine the red light and then inspect the bloodstone. You
  • You must light up all of the candles in Kuja castle to have all of the stones they weakenn the boss. So the main thing is that after you light up almost all candles the path throuhgh the Mirror will be opened. There you'll meet Moogle save there and Immidietly go right, after that you must make the pose of the 2 statues they must look to the right side. After that you'll have acsess to the blue Ladders and have the fight with boss. I strongly advice you to use reflect!!!!!! :2devilish: