Land spirits side quest
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    I've never heard of the "land spirits side quest" for the purpose of seeing alternate endings...but I'll give u what information I do have about the land spirits...
    If u need more help, ask away!
    (Oh...the pictures question...they are called Avatars and I think all you have to do is go to your control panel...there you'll find a list of avatars available for use...once you've posted 50 or more times you are then eligible for a custom avatar...there are posts about avatars all over...check in the "Ask the Staff..." forum for more info.)

    *There are 9 different land spirits...the "cute" variation of the enemies with the "cutesy" music...they want gems. If you satisfy all 9 the Ozma sidequest is made much easier because you'll be able to issue the FIGHT command. You'll get a lot of AP when u use the item they are requesting on them. Here's a list I found...this should help...
    Name: Location: Pay:
    Brown Squirrel (a Brown Mu) Around Dali one Ore stone

    Little Ghost Outside Treno but not in the forest one Ore stone

    Red Ladybug Forest around Black Mage Village two Ore stones

    Yeti Forest outside of Madin Sari two Ore stones

    Nymph Forest around the Iifa Tree three Ore stones

    Jabberwork Forest to the east of Oeivell Wants an Emerald

    Feathersuckle On the Chocobo Tracks on the Ice Continent Wants a Moonstone
  • The Land Spirits Side Quest is to how do I say... to help a bit against Ozma... If you try to Normally Attack with anyone they can't reach it... And with this Side Quest you can Hit Ozma making it a bt easier to defeat it...
  • Yan (Cute one) Bile Island (The island in the center of the map) Wants a Diamond


    ROTFLMAO!! Bile Island! that is priceless, but the name is Vile Island omg that made my day.

    Umm hey catsstepz?? remeber how many times i gave you my webapge and told you where the monsters were?!? How quickly do we forget..tsk tsk. Just clikc on homepage icon under my post.

    1) click on FAQ Page
    2) Select FFIX/content
    3) look

    I have all the locations and a map to boot. I have it up for people to view. Also sign my guestbook. Game On B)

    -Also, the land spirits arent from the friendly monsters. They're from the stellazio. When you give the Opiuchus to the Duck lady she gives you the Hammer. This enables the alternate ending.
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    Yeah, I got the hint Gene!..and I was already able to find all of the friendly monsters!..the tricky thing is OZMA, how annoying!!!!!..sometimes he doesn't even let me attack, he finishes me before I get a chance to!!!!..I guess I'll have to build up my team, getting their abilitties improved!
    Well, I just want to say thanx to all of those who helped me, and sorry for all the trouble I caused!!! :blink:
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    By the way, the new AP look is much better than the older, and much more functional...congratulations to everyone who was behind it!!!!!!
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