The Da Vinci Code
  • I haven't got out of The Louvre yet! After examining the Mona Lisa and collecting the Saturn Globe it keeps saying explore some more, but I can't find anything else that reacts. What am I looking for? I'm stuck at home having just broken my leg but I'll try not to give up too easily.
  • After grabbing the Saturn Sphere head out the back door to the main hall. Just outside here you will see two paintings by Baccus and Loriel- this triggers a cut scene. If you examine the painting in between them you will discover another item. Lift Sophie up to get the Priory Ring. head for Sauniere's office after this.
  • Please help. I'm also stuck in the louvre! Been here two weeks! I cannot find the paintings. The door behind the mona lisa is locked. I exit back into the grand hall and have looked at every single painting, to no avail. Where are they in relation to the carravagio? Many thanks
  • The two paintings are just outside the door of the room where you grabbed the Saturn Sphere. They are to either side of a third painting. Examine it to find the Priority Ring.
  • i can't seem to see what am suppose to about isaac newton's tomb secrets. i have examined shakespeare's statue as well but have not revealed anything yet. i seem to be going around in circles. help
  • After examining all of Newton's Tomb place the Priority Ring into the slot next to the sun symbol- you will be able to take that off and place it in your inventory. Once that is done listen to the cutscene talk and head to Chaucer's Tomb.

    As for Shakespeare's statue, place the large ring on his finger to trigger a hidden drawer holding a hand crank, which you will need in a bit.
  • Hi Lyndon and thanks. I have found the painting but there is not pop up to examine them! could my game be damaged?
  • You should get the examine pop up as you look at one of the paintings- you may just need to be in an exact spot to get it.