• I was just wondering what other side quests there are in FF9 (ie: chocobos paradise?). I'm already on disk 4 and I don't think I've done any side quests yet.
  • There are tons of side quests in FF9, such as finding certain weapons, fighting secret bosses, helping out the mognet mogs, and the chocobo hot&cold game.
  • Well if your on disk 4 then you've already missed heaps of side quests(Mr Morrids coffie,Burmecian children,+ others).Have you done the choco side quest yet? You need to do this to get to half the other ones any way. If youre up to memoria then you can also fight Hades and gain acess to the legendary synthesis shop.You can find this guy in the screen before the Kraken fight. Then theres also the zodiac coins......
  • When you complete the game then you can try to get the Excalibur II for Steiner. You must defeat the game up to the deck in Memoria in under 12 hours to get it though. This isn't an impossible feat, but is tough to complete.
  • Burmecian children?
  • there are lots of sidequests even at the end of the gam you can play solitare
  • Really juggleknot? I thought you knew everything.
  • no, i definitely don't know everything.
  • sidequests are the best in ff 9 and you have to do them to get everybodies strongest weapon well not verybodies
  • Hey Eliminator ill tell you some of the sidequests.

    Chocobo lagoon,and Paradise
    Jump Rope Game

    Sorry thats all I can remember.
  • Well Eliminator, looks like everbody else is getting you on the right track, but I'll go into detail for you ona couple side quests.

    Bakah metioned the "zodiac coins" quest. These was called Stellazzios. You can trade these in for different items including a few rare weapons. The following is the locations for each:

    1. Aries - windmill in Dali
    2. Tauros - behind Treno's item shop in the slums
    3. Cancer - behind cart in Burmecia
    4. Gemini - throw 10 gil in fountain in Treno 13 times
    5. Leo - near statue of Neptune in Alexandria harbor
    6. Scorpio - below HP/MP restoring pool in Qu's Dwelling
    7. Sagititarus - next to Gyashl Pickle Cart in Linblum
    8. Capicorn - in the water next to Daugerro
    9. Aquarius - right hand chest in Ispen's Castle
    10. Pisces - chest inside the Invinceble Airship
    11. Ophichus - collect all 10 then search where u found Scorpio
  • Just wondering, I'm at the end of disk 4 is this too late to do the Edilon wall side quest?
    And does anyone know where the Superslick is?
  • You can still do the wall quest (I did it on disk four as well).
  • I thought there was a thread/post in here somewhere about the 'coffee' quest, but after half an hours' searching, I can't find the little rascal anywhere!!
  • i don't think you have to get the coffees at any special time, except for the one in Dali.
  • so then what would be the prize for the coffe side quest
  • Hey spankmeister the prise is a model of the Prima Vista and to get it you need to give all 3 coffees to Morrid before the end of the third disk and then search the chests in the thieves hideout.
  • Hey is finding