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    [drupal=261]Happy Birthday[/drupal]

    Being a good pet-parent that I am, I like to celebrate my pets birthdays. Both of my girl's birthdays are in November and tomorrow marks my puppy's birthday. She's going to be two years old in human years, which means she will be around my age in dog years. Yay for my baby!:) As an appropriate birthday present, I'm going to take her to Doggie Day Camp and leave her there while I'm in school. She loves to play with other dogs and due to the money constraints I've had lately, it's been tough to get her to go to the PetsHotel. Not to mention, since I've worked there I know what can go on behind the scenes and feel weird leaving her there without me. Since I'm leaving her behind the scenes at a different PetsHotel though, I know I will be able to be sure she won't get in a fight with the infamous bulldog who constantly chewed dogs apart in Day Camp at the PetsHotel I worked at.